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Kevin and Macy Shippers.

Chasing the Dream.

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Kevin and Macy Shippers.
Welcome to the Kevin/Macy shippers community.

This is a community for the fans of the cutest couple on Jonas, Kevin and Macy (any day now it will be canon).


· Please use headers (e.g. ICONS, FANFIC, DRABBLE, EPISODE, etc) in the subject line of your post. I am going to work very hard to keep the tags up-to-date (Please help by tagging your own post, read about the system here).

· Episode-related information is considered a SPOILER until 24 hours after an episode has aired. As a courtesy, cut episode information with an LJ-cut.

· If you have a fanfic or speculation/theory that integrates spoilers about future episodes, please LJ-cut those until 24 hours after the episode has aired.

· All Fanfic must be put under a cut with following details Title, Author, Rating and Summary above the cut, ALL fic must have a rating and be under a cut. also all rating are welcome.

· Advertising other communities or personal web sites is only ok if you have permission from the moderators/maintainers. If you would like to become an affiliate please comment here.

· Finally, respect your fellow Kevin/Macy shipper. Remember - we all come from different backgrounds and we all hold different opinions.