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19 October 2010 @ 06:29 am
Electric Guitar is Finished!! for realz- Epilogue.  

PS I finished the epilouge! I've had it planned since around the 3rd chapter- and finally I was able to finish it!

Electric Guitar

Chapter One: Weirdness
Chapter Two: Reactions
Chapter Three: Cookies&Zucchini
Chapter Four: Stupid Pants
Chapter Five: Marty McFly
Chapter Six: Concert
Chater Seven: After
Chater Eight: Kevin&Macy

Summary: Kevin is acting weird...er than usual. Macy is determined to find out why.
Genre: Friendship, Hurt/Comfort & Romance
Rating: light T/ PG13
Pairings: Kevin&Macy, Nick&Stella Friendship, Joe being stupid.  

Danke for reading! 

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